Aya Yuasa is a composer for film, video game and other visual media based in Boston, MA. She works to create the perfect soundtrack to evoke the essence of each individual project. With over 6 years of experience as a composer and collaborator, she knows how important it is to find the right balance of collaboration, communication and artistic freedom that will make it possible to sculpt the perfect soundscapes. She is currently pursuing a double major at Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring and Composition, with a focus on Video Game Scoring.

Aya was born in Tokyo, Japan, and lived both in the city as well as in rural Hokkaido (with a brief stint in Oakland, CA) before moving to Vermont. Throughout all of her geographical adventures, music was her constant. When she moved to Vermont, her decision to homeschool enabled her to dedicate more of her time to her music. It was in Vermont that she found her true passion in composing when a fellow homeschooler suggested the idea of a collaboration to stage Shakespeare’s Henry the IV at a local theatre, for which Aya prepared a completely original soundtrack. This led to a three-year collaboration resulting in the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and As You Like It, with Aya as music director, composer, orchestrator and conductor.

As a composer, Aya is inspired by the ideas she encountered in her daily life on a wide spectrum of topics, including art, weather, geography, mood, plants, and animals. When not composing, you can find Aya taking long walks, cooking food from around the world, and hanging out with her friends.



Screech Machine

A collaboration between Berklee College of Music and USC Games, Screech Machine is a 1v1 Competitive Dodge ball Game with music composed by Aya and her colleagues.



Menu Theme

Level Theme

A collaboration with a USC game developer.

Uncharted 4




Chase 1-3

Shadow of Colossus


Music composed by Aya to sample gameplay of Shadow of Colossus.



Music composed by Aya to samples of gameplay of the silly and ecentric game Para-Para.



Ritual is a piece written in collaboration with Mateo Larrea and performed by SPLICE trumpeter Sam Wells. It explores the role that rituals (such as drinking coffee) play in our lives, especially during a pandemic, and the concept of space using an arduino proximity sensor, when space both cuts us off the rest of the world and keeps us safe.

Again and Again

A collaboration between the Berklee Composition Depatment and the Boston Conservatory Dance Division, Again and Again was composed by Aya in tandem to the compositoin of the choreography. Over the course of a semester Aya wrote, rehearsed and conducted her music. Again and Again was chosen to be featured on the Boston Conservatory Winterworks Concert series after it's initial premiere.

for clarinet, violoncello, and piano trio

Hunger Games


A rescore project of Snow's assasination scene from Hunger Games Part III: Mockingjay


Charlotte Sophia

She lived on scraps and tap-water - Gorey

A musical character study of Charlotte Sophia from the children's book The Hapless Child by Edward Gorey.

Little My

A musical character study of Little My from the children's book Moomin by Tove Jansson.


Ghost Menu

Gamejam September 2020



Recent Awards

Recipient of the Don Wilkins Award and the Leroy Southers Awards, In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in the Film Scoring and Composition departments respectively.

Electroacoustic Piece featuring Sam Wells

A picture from the online premier of a new piece for trumpet and electronics played by Sam Wells. Composed in collaboration with Mateo Larrea Ferro.

Job Highlight: Harry Gregson-Williams

"Aya was a fantastic assistant for my Advanced Orchestration class. She was invaluable in helping to organize weekly recording sessions for 45 players as well as coordinate the score preparation of six composers. In addition she did a fabulous job assisting me in coordinating a student recording session led by Harry Gregson Williams, helping to re-orchestrate some of his music from Shrek 3 and the Disney documentary, The Penguins."

- Richard Davis, Berklee College of Music

Check it Out: Screech Machine

"Collaborating with Aya was a pleasant and successful experience. She was friendly, consistently clear with her communication, and produced great music for the project."

- Jack Bailey, Developer of Screech Machine

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